Professional life
As a former journalist it's easy for me to put down a grand story about myself. I won't however, since january 2016 I've changed my job and became a functional application manager. It's my job to keep websites, software and other digitals products running. For this job I need to understand the users as well as the professional developers.

Skill level
I started doing webdevelopment real early. Made my first websites with Notepad an Dreamweaver about 15 years ago. Paid my college money with advertisement on my own weblog (50k hits per month) and at the moment I've build about 10+ websites for other people. All of them in Wordpress. My wish is to get to know the web a lot better and that's why I started with Codecamp in august 2016. By the way, this website is build with notepad++ and the support of Bootstrap.

Check out a small selection of websites I've build below.

Energy Coaching

Website for the best coach in the Netherlands. My best website and lots of great feedback. Worth checking out.

Visit the website

Opera Adina

Website for the great opera singer Adina. The website shows pictures and video of her perfomances.

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Small Wordpress website to display this fantastic vacation house in France. With custom Google Maps to show nearby places.

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Development Connect

An internationaal consultancy company and this website shows the work they do.

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